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Track & Improve Your Periods Cycle 

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Measure and Improve Your Sexual Health


  • Track and Share Periods Analysis

  • Timely Notifications

  • Improve Health & Hygiene

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Product Features

Tracking Your Periods

Varsha App helps you in tracking your irregular periods and provide predictions

Track Ovulation

Varsha App also helps you in tracking your Ovulation Cycle so that you can be notified to increase your chances of Conceiving.

Track Symptopms

Varsha App helps you in adding your symptoms like Temperature, Discharge, Moods, Notes, Blood Flow, etc on any given date of the month

Download & Share Reports

Varsha App provides you a complete Menstruation Reports  between any given dates. You can also share it with your HealthCare Service Provider to understand your Sexual Health Cycle

Period Analysis 

Varsha App provides you tips during your Menstruation to deal with Stress and Pain.


Varsha App helps you in connecting you with likeminded people so that you can socially connect and ask questions.


"Perfect app. It does all the calculations. I just love it ❤❤ "

~Ngwe Yvette

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